“I have been busy making baskets since the day I trained. My Le Gourmet staff members are always available to answer questions. I was scared to death to try and open a business but Le Gourmet thought of everything. Now I can feel comfortable being my own boss without taking chances.”
--Amanda H.

"Becoming part of the "Le Gourmet Family" has been a very positive and fun experience. From the day that I initiated a phone call to inquire about a distributorship, I have been made to feel welcome and extremely comfortable and at ease. All of the materials that are included with the distributorship are very thorough, easy to understand, and gives you a nice "connect-the-dots" process for opening a gift basket business. For someone like me who has no background in gift baskets or being an entrepreneur, I found all of the information that was provided invaluable!! I look forward to opening my doors and taking the next step towards having a successful business!! "
-- Dana P.







Le Gourmet Gives You the Tools to Make Your Own Destiny
Looking for something to do while making great money in the comfort of your own home? Are you ready to be part of an established company while still having the power to dictate the speed and direction of your own business? Le Gourmet Gift Basket, Inc. wants to assist you in reaching these objectives and provide people, like yourself, with a realistic opportunity to succeed. As a Le Gourmet distributor, you will be the best in the business and can offer yourself the security of making your own destiny. Read on to learn more about Le Gourmet and the benefits of becoming an owner of your own gift basket company.

The Gift Basket Business -
A Growing Industry That Offers Lucrative Results

With its tremendous growth and rising popularity, the gift basket industry is continually offering countless entrepreneurial-minded people with an opportunity to succeed. Gift baskets have evolved into a widespread form of gift giving and has become the most requested replacement for flowers and other traditional gifts. Demand is continually on the rise for baskets, with corporations, hospitals, realtors, physicians, attorneys and other professionals requesting these individualized gifts for their clients, friends and families. Gourmet gift baskets offer a memorable and sophisticated gift that will impress any recipient and build client and employee relationships. Rated as one of the top 20 businesses to successfully operate out of your own home by Small Business Opportunities Magazine, the gift basket industry provides a secure profession and profitable income for entrepreneurs like yourself.

Le Gourmet Distributorships…A Perfect Fit!
Le Gourmet Gift Basket, Inc. is dedicated to offering the highest quality products to our clients, and ensuring that each of our distributors are properly educated with the latest trends and techniques in the gift basket industry. Negotiating the best prices from wholesalers for our licensees is just one example of how Le Gourmet works to give our distributors access to the best deals and products. We take pride in each of our distributors and are committed to providing them with simple, yet effective resources to help them succeed.

No matter what your goals are, Le Gourmet Gift Basket, Inc. has the right fit for you. Whether you are looking for a career change, to stay at home with children, earn an additional income, or simply looking for something fun to do while making great money, Le Gourmet Gift Basket, Inc. has the resources to meet your requirements. A spare room or small area is all you need to assemble your baskets, and we have arranged for all your products to be purchased directly from the wholesaler and shipped right to your front door. In addition to gift baskets, we will show you how to increase profits by adding flowers and balloon arrangements, as well as specialty baskets for the new car owner, pet owner, real estate professional and others. We encourage you to take ownership of your own identity by allowing us to assist you in developing a personalized name to brand your company as you envision it, choosing marketing concepts that work best for your new company, and making business decisions that are best for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Confidence and Assurance in Le Gourmet
Le Gourmet Gift Basket, Inc. is with you every step of the way when beginning and maintaining your distributorship. Our training program thoroughly prepares you for your exciting new business with personalized instruction geared to get you up and running in no time. Your inventory will include only the finest gourmet food and snack products, and non-food accessories. Full support  is accessible to everyone, with Le Gourmet staff available to answer all your questions. We are here to help you succeed and reach your dream of finally being self-employed!

Our unwavering reputation for customer service and product design will give you immediate recognition as a professional designer with your own top notch basket company. The opportunity to set your own hours, take on as many or as few clients as you want, have continuous support from Le Gourmet headquarters, and sell a product that is in high demand, makes starting a Le Gourmet distributorship a sound investment for your future.

What Are You Waiting For?
Five different levels of membership are available, and unlike other distributorships or franchises, we do not charge royalty or referral fees. After your first twelve (12) months, we ask that you annually renew your membership at a flat costs of only $15 per month (just $180 per year).  Continued membership is optional.

You will receive everything you need to successfully start up your business including:

• A comprehensive manual on how to successfully run your business from your home, storefront or warehouse, and achieve the highest possible profit margin. Our easy to read in-depth manual shows you all the tricks of the trade that we have compiled from our many years in the business.
• Distributors will be able to call for technical or business support on our 800 number or contact us by e-mail.
• A complete list of the best wholesalers across the nation who will deliver right to your home, many |with no minimum order!
• Nomination into one of the nation's leading networking groups - you won't believe the results!
• Your own name, specially designed brochures, business cards, and other customized marketing pieces to immediately market your new company.
• Immediate recognition as a part of one of the most identifiable names in the gift basket industry - Le Gourmet Gift Basket, Inc.
• Updates on newly negotiated buys, designs and new marketing techniques.
• All order forms, stationery formats, gift card formats and much more.

Now that you have learned about the industry, read about the many benefits of Le Gourmet, and realize that you are perfect for the opportunity, take hold of your future today and invest in a Le Gourmet distributorship that will exceed your expectations! We look forward to welcoming you into our Le Gourmet team.

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