“I discovered Le Gourmet, bought a distributorship and now have a growing gift basket company. I love being self-employed and I make my own hours which allows me more time to spend with my family.”
--Laura S.

“This was the smartest investment I’ve ever made in my life. For once I have job security!”
--Brandy H.







Le Gourmet Gift Basket, Inc. makes success achievable for everyone from every walk of life. Believing in Le Gourmet is the first step, the next step is making that success yours. Whether you want to be at home with your kids, want to have control over your time, or want to discover your real earning potential, Le Gourmet will help you succeed.  Here are a few examples of entrepreneurs who have experienced the wonderful rewards that Le Gourmet has brought them.

“I used to own a food delivery service and was actually hired to cater trainings for Le Gourmet. As I watched how Cynthia McKay conducted her business and as the company grew to be internationally recognized, I knew I wanted to be a part of Le Gourmet.

Three years ago I purchased a distributorship from Le Gourmet Gift Basket and I am now a full time Gift Basket Business Owner. The relationship I have with Le Gourmet has allowed me to flourish in my business and feel very confident that the support is and always will be there for me. Purchasing this distributorship was a simple transaction with excellent training, unlimited support and I never have a question that goes unanswered. There were no hidden fees and I received exactly what Le Gourmet promised and more. Le Gourmet has set me up in every aspect of my business, so my profits happened fast and the startup was so easy and very painless. I never knew that having a successful business could be this easy and virtually without the headaches that normally accompany owning a franchise or distributorship. The best part is that I can work the hours I want to and I'm not paying any royalties to a parent company that continues to support me in every step of my venture.

I benefit from the credibility of Le Gourmet and I always get a resounding welcome every time I call to order product from vendors who deliver right to my door. The vendors treat me with the utmost respect and always put me at the top of their delivery list because I am a "Le Gourmet" person.

Last year I became a trainer with Le Gourmet on top of owning my business. I visit exotic places and share my knowledge of basket-making with people all over the world. I see that as Le Gourmet continues to grow, I receive more referrals and make more contacts that help me grow MY business. I am experiencing success that surpasses anything I had thought I could accomplish.

I have seen individuals all over the world profit from this stress free business. I am always amazed at the successes I see day after day. I sincerely hope that those wanting to be self-employed will seriously consider this opportunity. There is never a lack of business. Although I delivered food in the past and made a fair living, it does not compare to the amount of business I have as a Le Gourmet Distributor. Everyone gives baskets and corporations are constantly looking for client gifts and appropriate employee recognition items.

Packaging up boxes for shipment gives me great joy. Everyone loves a gourmet treat or a beautiful bath or spa gift. My accolades never stop as I receive compliment after compliment for my designs. I don't even have to advertise since the baskets sell themselves just by virtue of their appearance. I can recommend Le Gourmet as a very savvy decision. Take control of your life and have fun in a business you can truly love!” -- Becca R.


“My experience with Le Gourmet has been fantastic. I had a successful business for years but it wasn't what I ultimately wanted to do. I found Le Gourmet, signed up, read my materials and attended a very thorough training. That was 3-1/2 years ago and my business is going strong. Cynthia and her staff are always available to answer my questions, no matter how simple or complicated. Recently I had a basket that required some hard to find inventory which Cynthia and her research staff immediately found for me. I was thrilled to have the support and my client was even more surprised that I could deliver the basket as ordered and in record time! Le Gourmet always makes me look good. I also appreciate the referrals they send my way. I love being in the gift basket business and would recommend Le Gourmet to anyone interested in owning their own business. Le Gourmet handled all of the difficult issues surrounding my business start-up and I have just enjoyed the entire process. You won't regret your decision to let Le Gourmet change your life!” -- Susan W.


“This was the smartest investment I’ve ever made in my life. For once I have job security!”
--Brandy H.

“The attention I’ve gotten is far beyond what I could ever have imagined. The staff of Le Gourmet really is with you EVERY step of the way. I’m making money and I’m home with my kids. I LOVE MY NEW BUSINESS!” --Camille T.

“I have been busy making baskets since the day I trained. My Le Gourmet Staff members are always available to answer questions. I was scared to death to try and open a business but Le Gourmet thought of everything. Now I can feel comfortable being my own boss without taking chances.” --Amanda H.

“I thought about doing gift baskets for years. I would see them delivered around my town and always thought that I could be very happy with a gourmet basket business. I called Le Gourmet Gift Basket and found that the I was connected directly to the CEO who answered all of my questions and made me feel like I’ve known her all my life. My dream came true and I’m making baskets from home and will open a retail business by the end of the year.” --Tonya Y.

“I had a small home-based gift basket business that never took off so I called Le Gourmet. I attended training and have had more success than I ever expected. I am finally making money and have a direction in my life. I have plenty of time off with my family and love going into my workshop to create! Thank you Le Gourmet!” --Tonya W.

“I discovered Le Gourmet, bought a distributorship and now have a growing gift basket company. I love being self-employed and I make my own hours which allows me more time to spend with my family.” --Laura S.

"Becoming part of the "Le Gourmet Family" has been a very positive and fun experience. From the day that I initiated a phone call to Cynthia McKay to inquire about a distributorship, I have been made to feel welcome and extremely comfortable and at ease. All of the materials that are included with the distributorship are very thorough, easy to understand, and gives you a nice "connect-the-dots" process for opening a gift basket business. For someone like me who has no background in gift baskets or being an entrepreneur, I found all of the information that was provided invaluable!! I look forward to opening my doors and taking the next step towards having a successful business!! " -- Dana P.

“I started with Le Gourmet three and a half years ago. I went through the training and learned everything I needed to know about assembling a fantastic looking basket. I was given lots of great knowledge about how to make your baskets look very classic and expensive. I get compliments every time someone sees my baskets and I am always picking up new clients every week. Cynthia also has deals worked out with lots of vendors where I get free samples, free shipping and discounts. It is so much more than I expected. My experience with Le Gourmet has been great! -- Stephanie W.

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